Caste Inclusion and Exclusion cell

For the backward class of Uttar Pradesh, Section-9(1) (A) of State Commission President Act Number-(1) 1996, Commission will investigate the request of inclusion of any person in list of backward class and will hear the plea of right inclusion or failure in inclusion of any citizen in the list of backward class and will advise state government, whichever will be appropriate.

Following procedure is specified in Rule-8 of “Commission Procedure Regulation-1999” for the compliance of above provisioned responsibilities in Commission Act:

  • For initial inspection of report related to this and for views of commission will be done by that person, to whom the report has, been forwarded by the chairman.
  • Regarding reports received of various castes in one month determination of priority is done in meeting of commission that is being conducted in first week of next month.
  • Public information will be published on the behalf of the Commission for the initial hearing date-wise, through public information, after the priority assessment. Such public information gets published in daily newspaper which is famous in related area. In addition, the relevant representatives will be sent the information for hearing.
  • Initial hearing will be done by the commission. After the hearing, if the commission doesn’t find it eligible to do the proceeding, then the matter will be closed. If commission wishes to do further proceedings then following procedure has to be followed:-
    • Survey division of commission will do site inspection and survey regarding caste/class will be organised. For such survey and site inspection, besides commission’s survey division, two membered committee formed for this work by Hon’ble Chairman, can also do site inspection of the respective area. In such inspection committee, can also receive the information from various people of different class. Committee will provide the complete inspection report of this, in which name of those persons/institutions and area will also be given, from whom the information has been fetched. In the questionnaire of Survey Division for the survey organised, following questions will have to be included:-
      • Regarding historical, geographical and cultural background in related community and general information.
      • Regarding various phases of family.
      • Regarding knowing of various communities.
  • After receiving report of survey section and report of Committee (If the investigation has also been conducted), date for last hearing will also be decided. Whose public information will be published in two daily newspapers, which are being circulated in concerned areas and information will be forwarded to petitioner or applicant (if any) by sending it through notice to him/her.
  • Last hearing will be done by the commission, in which presence of at least three members (in which Chairman will also be included) will be necessary. At the time of such hearing proof will be received from petitioner or applicant (if any) and opportunity will be given to the parties to make their side clear.
  • Recommendation will be done on the basis of site inspection report etc. and other available fact information and data and proof. If any member is doing separate recommendation, then it may be considered in the meeting of commission and after its consideration finalization will be done of recommendation of commission.
  • Recommendation of commission will be forwarded to state government.
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