Budget Report

Grants by the State Government

(1) After proper appropriation by the State Government, State Legislature Assembly through this law, state government will pay the amount to the commission as per its consideration for the consumption of the purpose of this ordinance.


(2) Under this ordinance, commission can expense the amount for the compliance of duties and such amount shall be deemed as expense payable from the estimate specified in sub-section (1).

Accounts and Accounts Grant

(1) Commission will hold appropriate accounts and other relevant records and will prepare one annual particular in specified format and as per the rules.


(2) Audit of accounts of commission will be done on the specified time and by the respective auditor.


(3) The auditor should have the power to expect to present the books, accounts, related brochures and other documents and correspondence and inspect any office of the Commission, as prescribed.

Annual Report

For every Financial Year commission will prepare annual report by giving the complete information of its working in that financial year as per the prescribed format and time and will forward a copy of it to the state government.

Annual and Audit report to be presented in front of State Legislative Assembly

Under the State Government Section 9, the action taken as per the instructions given by the Commission and rejecting any such instruction, if any, the annual report and the audit report along with the memorandum of reason, after the receiving of it will have to be presented in front of both the houses of State Legislature.

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