Planning Cell

  • Enhancement has been done in the limitation of creamy-layer after forwarding the recommendations to government from time to time and it has been rationalized.
  • In the hostels/government buildings, it was implemented after recommending reservations for backward classes.
  • For making Backward Caste Atrocities Act, conversation has been done and collection of data has been done. Recommendation send to the Government.
  • For reservation of backward class people in the government residents of university, government order is being released after proceedings. Manual is kept in record after delivering.
  • The implementation of the schemes being implemented for the welfare and empowerment of the Other Backward Classes was evaluated. Recommendation has been done for equalizing in loan providing schemes being given by other caste corporation from financial and development corporation. In last few years government has provided the facility like 100 percent return of Scholarship Fees.
  • Regarding admission in private educational institutions in Engineering, Medical, B.Ed. and other Technical Admission Examinations only through counselling, recommendation has been forwarded to government on the reports received, on behalf of which government has taken its decision.