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About Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Backward Classes


India is a country of welfare, which is dedicated to bring social justice to its citizens so that social, economic and educational backwardness could be reformed and improved. To establish this principle it is the responsibility of state that for the development of backward class society such measures should be taken so that development of each class especially of SC, ST, OBC and Women is possible.

For the welfare of backward class, activities, programs and various schemes are been executed by the Social Welfare Department since First Five Year Plan to 12 August, 1995. Social Welfare Department was established in year 1948-49 and at that time name of this department was “Harijan Sahayak Vibhag.” Before this, SC and ST categories were facilitated with few facilities that are being provided by the Education Department, besides this in year 1940-41 another department named ‘Reclamation Department’ was also operated. Major work of department, was the development of such societies which were oriented toward crime then and was under Reclamation Officer in recent time. For some time Social Welfare Department and Reclamation Department worked together and afterwards all work of Reclamation Department was merged in “Harijan Sahayak Vibhag.” In year 1955 Social Welfare Department was established, which was considered as separate in 1961, and was authorized to Director, Harijan and Social Welfare Department. From the co-ordination point of view Harijan Sahayak Vibhag and Social Welfare Department that were operated separately were merged and named as “Harijan and Social Welfare Department” and in year 1991-92 department name was changed to “Social Welfare Department.”

With the point of view of Educational, Social and Economic backwardness and population of state of backward class, need for the establishment of Backward Class Social Department was experienced by the government which will be independent. For the welfare of backward classes and for the planning and complete operation of programs, schemes and policies, on 12 August, 1995 Sushri Mayawati, Former Chief Minister of UP, embodied Backward Class Welfare Department and along with Minority Welfare Department, Handicap Welfare Department, Sainik Welfare Department and Sainik Welfare Nirman Nigam were established. Besides this separate concerned directorate were formed in these departments and all schemes related to them were transferred from Social Welfare Department to all concerned departments for working  and execution.

At present there are three units of Backward Class Welfare Department:-

  • Directorate, Backward Class Welfare.
  • Uttar Pradesh Backward Class Finance and Development Corporation.
  • Uttar Pradesh State Backward Class Commission.