Evaluation Cell

Following is the procedure of Evaluation Cell-

  • Exploration and evaluation of all issues related to provisioned safeguards for backward class is being done by the department/institution-wise from the officers and will be done under the guidance of nominated member/committee by chairman.
  • It is necessary to prepare Master Check List Departmental/Institution-wise of favourable safeguards for other backward class. Along with regarding this various data has also to be collected of various phases. For this purpose, the survey / evaluation division of Survey and Exploration Officer will be given the required member / committee guidance by the Chairman as per the requirement.
  • Institution-wise exploration and evaluation by Exploration Officers of Commission will be prepared. Monitoring system in the certain time period through the officers has also to be developed. For this work nominated/authorized members through employee and chairman, will present the updated monitoring report for evaluation and recommendation to commission in various sector.
  • Recommendation will be forwarded to State Government after monitoring by authorized member/committee through Chairman.
  • Commission will forward recommendation after consideration on report.
  • Commission can also demand detail of proceedings by various department/institutions regarding safeguards of backward class.
  • Proceeding is in process for presenting all factual data after detailed study in view of the representation of persons belonging to Other Backward Classes of the citizens on State Public Services and Posts.
  • Compilation of data regarding reservation in appointments done by District Level Appointment Authority.